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I still have the cake topper to my son’s first birthday cake in my freezer. He’s almost four.

I believe in handwritten mail & always hope for some when I check the mail.

I drive around with the windows down singing Taylor Swift. And I am no Grammy winner.

I believe in good yoga pants. Life is too short not to be comfortable. I don’t always wear real clothes, but when I do, it’s for a special occasion (like leaving the house!)

I never make plans for Monday nights, because of trash TV. The Bachelor…Dancing With The Stars…The Bachelorette…those are my jam.

I believe donuts without sprinkles are just bagels in disguise.

When my three year old isn’t home, I eat his Teddy Grahams. And Halloween candy. And chocolate Easter bunny. Sugar’s bad for him, right?

I believe that life never turns out as we expect. And that’s ok. What fun would life be without a little surprise?

I set my phone so Siri refers to me as Mrs. Consuela Banana Hammock. Because Phoebe Buffay is my idol.

I believe in living like a kid and laughing at the most ridiculous things. Being serious is way too overrated.

I believe in the power of kindness. I love interrupting the mundane in others’ lives by bringing them unexpected joy.

I believe that real trumps perfect, community trumps competition, and tiramisu trumps every other dessert on the planet, cool?

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If you’re interested in documenting your story, please shoot me an email or give me a call! I’d love to get to know you and those you love.

Locations – I am a Denver wedding photographer & portrait photographer, but happily serve all of Colorado. Although I’m based in SE Metro Denver, my photography (and portfolio) reflect my love for Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Vail, Breckenridge, Estes Park, and Keystone. I’m not only a Colorado Wedding Photographer – I love to travel the world and capture weddings (Italy, Canada, Mexico, New York just to name a few areas!). Be it in Denver, or beyond, my photography is an extension of my love in life. 

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