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As I think back over the past 10 years, one of the things that amazes me the most is how many incredible places my photography journey has taken me. We’re lucky to live in such a beautiful state with oodles and oodles of stunning wedding venues. I mean, have you ever googled “Colorado Wedding Venues”?? There are 1.5 million results.

1.5 million.

Ok, ok, I know there aren’t¬†actually 1.5 million Colorado wedding venues, but sometimes it feels like it.

So, in continued celebration of my 10 years in business, and my¬†wedding special (if you haven’t looked at that, you should ūüėČ ), here are some¬†of my favorite Colorado wedding venues!

Space Gallery

BlogLang049P I N I T Chris & Leanne’s Space Gallery wedding

Ok, ok, I might be a¬†liiiiittle¬†partial to this venue because my husband and I got married at the original Space Gallery five years ago. But I swear, even if I hadn’t have gotten married there, I’d still love it just as much.
It’s clean.
It’s open.
It’s airy.
It’s sexy.
And it’s dripping with gorgeous art from wall to wall.

Use bunches of decor, or use a minimal amount. You just can’t go wrong.

Lang383P I N I T Plus, there’s a massive patio for outdoor ceremonies, or the perfect area for indoor ceremonies.
Chris & Leanne’s Space Gallery wedding

Kate Marie Photography Space Gallery Wedding 037P I N I T

The first wedding ever at the new Space Gallery!

Space Gallery DenverP I N I T Such a modern, yet intimate space.
Amy & Stephen’s wedding

Space Gallery DenverP I N I T And plenty of room to dance!
Amy & Stephen’s wedding

Space Gallery DenverP I N I T Amy & Stephen’s Space Gallery wedding

Did I mention that Space Gallery is right next to some of my favorite alleys in Denver for some fun nighttime shots?

Space Gallery DenverP I N I T Amy & Stephen’s Space Gallery weddingSpace Gallery DenverP I N I T

Amy & Stephen’s wedding

Lyons Farmette / Riverbend

Riverbend is a fairly new venue, located a little bit north of Denver, but¬†so worth the drive. A huge grassy area is perfect for an outdoor ceremony, and the dance floor is neighbored by a running river. There’s even a cute little cottage for getting ready and an amazing, open tent for dinner!

2016-06-09_0005P I N I T

If you’re looking for a ceremony site with a true feeling of Colorado, Riverbend is it!
Riverbend weddingP I N I T Dancing at Lyons FarmetteP I N I T

Reception dancing right beside the river….doesn’t get much better than that.

Lyons Farmette weddingP I N I T Riverbend brideP I N I T

Villa Parker

The perfect touch of classic style.
The open courtyard and outdoor patio.
The luscious garden and expansive grounds.
Now¬†that’s how you make an incredible wedding venue.

Villa Parker WeddingP I N I T

Villa Parker WeddingP I N I T

Villa Parker WeddingP I N I T

Villa Parker’s grounds are perfect for romantic portraits. There’s great spots all over the venue!

Villa Parker WeddingP I N I T

Stephanie & Brian’s Villa Parker Wedding

Villa Parker WeddingP I N I T

One of my favorite parts about Villa Parker is the incredible open field just in front of the venue. Tall grasses, dreamy light, and if it’s the right season it’s full of sunflowers!

Villa Parker WeddingP I N I T

Spruce Mountain Ranch

Mountain views for your ceremony….check.
Gorgeous lodge for your reception…check.
Outdoor dancing with gorgeous lights…check.

Spruce Mountain Ranch weddingP I N I T

Sarah & Jimmy’s Spruce Mountain Ranch wedding

Spruce Mountain Ranch weddingP I N I T Spruce Mountain Ranch weddingP I N I T

Such a perfect venue to enjoy the beautiful fall colors!

Spruce Mountain Ranch weddingP I N I T And the outdoor dancing area can’t be beat!

Wedgewood Boulder Creek

The past two times I’ve photographed at Wedgewood Boulder Creek,¬†it was cold. And I mean¬†cold. But even in the cold and snow, this venue is gorgeous. A unique indoor ceremony space and seasonal tent give couples tons of choices on how they want to make their day unique.

Colorado wedding venuesP I N I T Alexandra & Tom’s Wedgewood Boulder Creek wedding

Wedgewood WeddingP I N I T Wedgewood WeddingP I N I T Wedgewood-Boulder-Wedding-029P I N I T

Someday I’ll get the chance to photograph an outdoor ceremony under the arch at Wedgewood, but it made for a pretty perfect backdrop with snow falling from the sky.

Colorado Wedding VenuesP I N I T

Kelsie & Ben’s Wedgewood Boulder Creek wedding

Pink and white wedding cakeP I N I T Colorado wedding venuesP I N I T The drapery in this tent makes me drool.

Colorado has¬†so¬†many fantastic wedding venues, and these are just a few! Finding a venue that fits your personality, matches the style of your wedding, and has that certain special¬†something is the most important part. If you haven’t found it yet, keep searching!!

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“Don’t sweat the small stuff.”
It’s easy to say, but it can be¬†so¬†hard to actually do. We get caught up in the stress of life. So much to do, so little time. Sound familiar?

But then there are people who you can tell¬†actually¬†don’t sweat the small stuff. And not only that, they really live in the moment. Sure, it sounds a little cheesy, and a little cliche. But those people who really live for the¬†now, they are inspiring.

Wedding at Boulder Wedgewood venueP I N I T

Kelsie and Ben – they are those people.
They go with the path that life is taking them on without a second doubt.
They lean on each other with complete trust.
They live for the fun in life.
They giggle together.
All the time.
They giggle in the most energetic and joyful way. Even just a glance at each other and the giggles erupt.

And it may be a simple giggle, but it’s how they live life. Simply. Happily.
It’s so refreshing, and so full of love.

Here’s to hoping we can all be a little bit like them. And giggle just a little bit more ūüėČ

Enjoy my favorites from their Wedgewood Boulder wedding.

Wedgewood Boulder WeddingP I N I T Wedgewood Boulder WeddingP I N I T

Kelsie and Ben exchanged notes before the ceremony. I have no idea what they said, but from the look on their faces, they were pretty sweet notes!

Wedgewood Boulder WeddingP I N I T

Kelsie and her mom have the sweetest relationship. It’s like they’re best friends.

Wedgewood Boulder WeddingP I N I T

Wedgewood Boulder WeddingP I N I T

Kelsie you are stunning!

Wedgewood Boulder WeddingP I N I T 2016-05-11_0003P I N I T

The snow may have prevented the ceremony from happening outdoors, but¬†that didn’t stop it from being beautiful!

Wedgewood Boulder WeddingP I N I T Wedgewood Boulder WeddingP I N I T

The most perfect reception decor. Romantic, sweet, and oh-so-classy.

Wedgewood Boulder WeddingP I N I T

Ria from Nature’s Grace Design did it again – stunning florals!

Pink white wedding flowersP I N I T Pink and white wedding cakeP I N I T

This reception room makes my jaw drop.

Wedgewood Wedding ReceptionP I N I T

After the ceremony, we went outside for some snow portraits. The snow was coming down in the biggest, most beautiful flakes.

Wedgewood Boulder WeddingP I N I T Wedgewood Boulder Winter WeddingP I N I T

Totally worth freezing for.

Boulder WeddingP I N I T

Her eyes. Her smile. His gaze at his new wife.

Colorado Winter weddingP I N I T

Colorado winter weddingP I N I T Colorado winter weddingP I N I T Snowy bride and groomP I N I T

Reason #45 why I always have a cute umbrella in my trunk –
you’ll never know when you’ll need it.

Snow wedding picturesP I N I T Pink flowersP I N I T Wedgewood ReceptionP I N I T

Such a sweet first dance together.

First DanceP I N I T First dance twirlP I N I T

Kelsie’s ring makes me drool…. Good job Ben ūüėČ

Pear Shaped Engagement RingP I N I T

A dessert spread for the reception. Love the macaroon idea!

Wedding dessert tableP I N I T Wedding toastsP I N I T

Wedgewood-Boulder-Wedding-063P I N I T Reception dancesP I N I T

Just before their grand exit, we snuck away for a few more portraits. The snow had slowed and made for the perfect backdrop.

Snowy Colorado WeddingP I N I T Romantic wedding portraitsP I N I T

A grand exit with ribbon wands! Such a great idea! I love how my second shooter, Sarah, and I got such different shots of their exit. Love having second shooters!

Streamer Grand ExitP I N I T

Congratulations again, Kelsie & Ben!! You two are absolutely amazing together and your spirit for life is contagious:)

Remember to show some love and leave a comment below! 25 comments gets these two a free 11×14 print of their favorite image!

Also – if you or someone you know is getting married, be sure to check out my 10 year celebration special!:)

Kelsie & Ben’s Wedgewood Boulder Wedding Vendors:

Floral & Design: Ria Erikson with Natures Grace Design
Kelsie’s Dress: Mori Lee from Amanda’s Bridal
Ben’s Suit: Men’s Warehouse
Hair and Makeup: Ashleigh Dering with The Parlour Wash Park
Wedgewood Boulder Wedding: The Wedgewood at Boulder Creek
DJ: dj Maestro
Bakery: Happy Bake Shop

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  • Jenn Onstott - Wow, the snow, the atmosphere, the couple…looks absolutely perfect ūüėČ Congratulations!

  • Sarah Jane - Amazing pictures of an amazing wedding!!!

  • Joyce Smith Carpenter - So beautiful, so perfect, lovely beyond words. Kelsie & Ben, we love you!
    Kate!!! You are amazing!! Thank you to Sarah too!

  • Sara Schleske Bernal - Oh Kelsie Noe, you were right…that wrap makes your photos stunning! Love you, my friend. So happy you found a man who is your perfect match.

10 years.
10 years.
3,650 days.
87,600 hours.
5,256,000 minutes.
You get the point. It’s a long time.
10 years since I began Kate Marie Photography.
Even longer since I started my journey as a professional Colorado wedding photographer.
10 years. It’s a long time.

If my business were a person, she’d be entering her awkward, sassy, pre-teen phase.
“Cooties” would be disappearing and pimples would be taking their place. She would probably have a Bieber poster or two on her bedroom wall. Yikes. Bieber.
10 years. It’s a long time.

Colorado Wedding PhotographerP I N I T

10 years ago, my sister and I sat at Macaroni Grill with our big plates of chicken parmesan and lasagna¬†and talked¬†about my new adventure. I needed a business name. We doodled on the white butcher paper tablecloth with Crayola crayons (in true Macaroni Grill style, of course) and my sister wrote out, “Kate Marie Photography.” I can still picture her handwriting on the table in waxy blue crayon.
It was perfect. It was simple. It was me. And this business is me.

Kate Marie Photography is sentimental.
It’s spontaneous.
It’s spunky.
It’s spirited.
It’s romantic.
It’s bold.
It’s me.

And I want to celebrate the big 1-0.
I want to celebrate big.
Like confetti-at-the-end-of-the-Super Bowl-big.
Because 10 years as a small business is a big deal.
So, let’s celebrate.
10 years big.

Because, you know, 10 years….it’s a long time.

To celebrate, I’m going to do something I never do.

¬†Colorado Wedding PhotographerP I N I T I’m spreading the love, people. Lots and lots of it. I’ve had ten years of love from my fantastic couples, and I’m putting some love out there for more couples. This is the biggest discount I’ve given in the entire 10 years!

*Here are the deets:
– 10% off any wedding package booked. 2016, 2017, heck even 2018 – all eligible.
РIn order to get the 10% off, you must book by June 30, 2016.
– Not to be combined with a referral promo.
That’s it. Simple as pie.

So if you’re engaged, and curious about more, contact me.
We can meet up and chat over coffee or wine. (Who doesn’t like free coffee or wine?)¬†
If you know someone who is engaged, pass this along.

Click here to view investment information and contact me!

Stay tuned for more celebratory posts later this week, including some of my favorite shoots from the past 10 years!

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There are moments in¬†life that change everything. Moments that shift your life in a new direction, and from that moment on, you just know… a new chapter has started.

Lucy Marie Lyon was born on March 7th at 3:40 am, weighing in at a whopping 5 pounds, 12 ounces, and 17″ long.

kate-marie-photography-1P I N I T

Our new chapter had begun. In the most fantastic way ever.

Labor was fast and furious, just like it was with Emmett. 4 hours of labor and our little girl was here. After (nearly) 9 months of waiting, we finally knew that she was a¬†she. As she was born, the doctors exclaimed, “Tell her, dad! Tell her!” and Nate replied, “I can’t see!!” Hands everywhere and the chaos of labor, but once he got a look, he said in a way I’ll always remember, “It’s a girl! A girl!!”

A girl.

We have a daughter.

A daughter.

kate-marie-photography-2P I N I T

The tears started rolling down my face as I waited to hear her cry. In a split second, the nurses swept her off my chest to the warmer. A small complication had made it hard for her to breathe, so they gave her a little help. I got to snuggle her for about a minute, and then she was swept to the NICU.

Little Lucy had some trouble keeping her oxygen levels where they needed to be, so she spent about 18 hours in the NICU. Just as talk began of having to send her home with oxygen, she was able to hold her oxygen levels on her own and got out of the NICU. The nurse gave me the good news and I couldn’t hold back the tears.

kate-marie-photography-3P I N I T

Getting out of the NICU meant that she could finally meet her big brother (While in the NICU, he could only see her through the door).
And then, tears really started flowing.
He was so excited. And so protective. And so happy. And so in love with her.
He kept saying, “She’s so cute! She’s so cute! I love her!”

My heart has never felt so full. After so much anxiety and so many nerves about Baby #2, it all came together. Life feels so perfect, and we just love her so much.

Enjoy some of my favorite photos from Emmett meeting Lucy, and some of my favorites from her first two weeks at home. Emmett’s going to have to teach her the ropes of being a photographer’s kid… and the thousands of pictures that come with it ūüėČ

kate-marie-photography-4P I N I T

I will never forget how excited Emmett was to meet Lucy. Non-stop smiling and giggling. It was amazing to literally see him fall in love with his sister.

kate-marie-photography-5P I N I T

My heart. It just melts.

kate-marie-photography-6P I N I T

What you can’t see is me trying to wipe the tears (of joy) from my face as I took these photographs.

kate-marie-photography-7P I N I T kate-marie-photography-8P I N I T

“I want to kiss her!” “I want to hold her hand!”

kate-marie-photography-9P I N I T kate-marie-photography-10P I N I T

Home at last!

kate-marie-photography-11P I N I T

Yes, I already have hundreds (maybe thousands) of pictures of her. But I’ve also been trying to¬†just be present in the first few weeks of her life, and our life as a family of four. Putting the camera down is hard, but sometimes you have to just soak up the¬†now.

kate-marie-photography-12P I N I T kate-marie-photography-13P I N I T

I still can’t believe we have a daughter:)

kate-marie-photography-14P I N I T
kate-marie-photography-14P I N I T My favorite photo of my two angels. Ever. You can see Emmett’s pride, and Lucy just loving on him.
SO¬†worth the two toys I had to buy him to bribe him into cooperating ūüėČ
kate-marie-photography-15P I N I T I think yellow is her color!
kate-marie-photography-16P I N I T kate-marie-photography-17P I N I T kate-marie-photography-18P I N I T

A little sneak into her nursery (more in another post!)

kate-marie-photography-19P I N I T

Thanks to everyone for your kind wishes! And extra thanks to my clients who have been super patient the past two weeks while I’ve been in newborn mode!

Welcome to the world, Lucy.

We just love you.

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  • Penny Elliott Fox - She is beautiful and he is such a handsome big brother. I am Rick’s friend from volleyball. Congrats to all of you.

  • Rachael Bangert - This made me tear up.

  • Jennifer Lyon - This is wonderful Katie!!

  • Sandra Stupar Genova - So sweet! Congrats!

  • Shauna D. Davis - So happy for you! You got your girl! Sorry about the NICU stay but so glad it was short.

  • Cindy Nielsen - What a wonderful blog! Katie, you’re the best photographer ever! We love all of you so much!

  • Alan Lyon - Just absolutely love her.

“This is your community.”
Amy’s mom said it perfectly when she welcomed the couple’s friends and family to their wedding reception at Space Gallery¬†Denver.

And she is so right. Those that filled the rows¬†of their ceremony and the dinner tables at their reception weren’t just friends and family. They were so, so much more than that.

A community.

They are the ones¬†who¬†(as one of Stephen’s groomsmen put it), “will offer to help move your huge refrigerator”.
They are their support. They are their people.
Amy and Stephen’s community is deep.

It was so obvious, even to me. Groups of smiling faces from college, medical school, their local¬†friends, their families…the list goes on and on. They were true communities.

But the most obvious thing about the incredible people that gathered for their day was their love for these two. From a personalized wedding ceremony performed by a close friend to bridal party speeches that spoke true to the couple’s character – you could just tell.

These two and the community they’ve built. They’re pretty incredible.

Enjoy some of my favorites from Amy & Stephen’s day. And don’t forget – 25 comments gets these two a free 11×14 print, so leave some love at the bottom!

hyatt convention center denver weddingP I N I T Hyatt Convention Center DenverP I N I T

Amy chose the perfect accessories to go with her amazing gown from Emma & Grace, and the bridesmaid dresses she chose were just stunning.

Hyatt Convention Center DenverP I N I T

The terrace at the Hyatt Convention Center was the perfect spot for an intimate first look with Amy & Stephen.

Hyatt Convention Center DenverP I N I T Hyatt Convention Center DenverP I N I T Hyatt Convention Center DenverP I N I T

Love this ceremony location. Peak’s Lounge¬†was modern, intimate, and so unique.

PeakP I N I T PeakP I N I T

Amy & Stephen’s good friend officiated their ceremony, and incorporated marriage advice from the couple’s friends and family. It was such a personal touch to the ceremony, and connected everyone just¬†that much more.

Hyatt PeakP I N I T PeakP I N I T Peaks Lounge HyattP I N I T Hyatt Peaks LoungeP I N I T

After the ceremony, it was portrait time at Union Station!

Union Station DenverP I N I T

Love these colors together! Perfect for a winter wedding. (Even the random 60 degree February day like we had!)

Denver Union Station Bridal PartyP I N I T Union Station Denver Wedding PartyP I N I T Union Station Denver Bridal PartyP I N I T Union Station Denver Bridal PartyP I N I T Union Station Bride and GroomP I N I T Denver Union Station WeddingP I N I T Space-Gallery-Denver-020P I N I T

I just can’t say enough about how fabulous my second shooter Briony is. I absolutely adore¬†the candid images like these that she snaps while I’m getting a different view. Her shot here – – –

Denver Union Station Bride and GroomP I N I T And my shot here!

Union Station DenverP I N I T Union Station DenverP I N I T Space Gallery DenverP I N I T

Amy & Stephen love this wall art in Denver, and it made for the perfect mix of portrait backgrounds.

Space Gallery WeddingP I N I T Downtown Denver WeddingP I N I T Downtown Wedding DenverP I N I T Downtown Denver WeddingP I N I T Wedding RingsP I N I T Colorado Wedding FlowersP I N I T Colorado Wedding PhotosP I N I T

Space Gallery Denver is one of those venues that doesn’t need a lot of decor. With the rotating art, it’s so stunning just as it is. The white and grey touches Amy & Stephen incorporated made everything pop in the best way.

Space Gallery DenverP I N I T

Space Gallery DenverP I N I T Space Gallery DenverP I N I T Space Gallery DenverP I N I T

Who needs a wedding cake when you have an ice cream bar?!

Space Gallery DenverP I N I T

Space Gallery DenverP I N I T

And a s’mores bar on the patio!

Wedding smores barP I N I T

Time for the dances! Amy & Stephen nailed¬†their first dance and I heard guest after guest say, “This is awesome!”

Space Gallery DenverP I N I T Space Gallery DenverP I N I T

Space Gallery DenverP I N I T Space Gallery DenverP I N I T Space Gallery DenverP I N I T

One of the things I love most about Space Gallery is the area around it. Alleys. . . doorways. . . nooks & crannies. They make for the most dramatic night shots.

Space Gallery DenverP I N I T Space Gallery DenverP I N I T

Congratulations, Amy & Stephen! You two and your community are so loving, so spirited, and so fun!

Don’t forget to leave a comment below! 25 comments and these two lovebirds get a free 11×14:)

Ceremony Venue: Hyatt Downtown Denver
Reception Venue: Space Gallery Denver
Flowers: Plum Sage Flowers
Dress: Emma and Grace
Hair/Makeup: Matthew Morris Salon
Ice cream: Sweet Action
Food: Epicurean
Coordination: We Tie The Knots

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Now booking 2016 and 2017 weddings. Contact me for more information if you or someone you know is tying the knot!:)

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