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I have a habit of doing what I think far too many of us do these days. I bury things. When I have things come up in my life that I wish weren’t there, or feel things I wish I weren’t feeling, it’s my instinct to just push them away. Pretend they’re not there. Because…maybe if I just ignore them, they will go away. And even though we all know that is the worst thing to do, we’ve all done it at some point. Probably more than we admit.

Well, I’m not going to do that now. I’m putting it out there, because I know I’m not the only one feeling this way. And I’m most definitely not the only one burying something.

My belly is round. So round. And getting rounder each day. I feel my second baby move inside me – he or she kicks, stretches, and loves to poke into this one spot on the right side of my ribs. “Bitty”, as we call him or her, loves to have a dance party as I try to go to sleep. I know these little things about him or her, and those little things I absolutely love.
But at the same time, I’m scared.

Yup. I said it.
I’m scared.
Yes, pregnancy is an incredible blessing, and I am eternally thankful for the life growing inside of me. But I’m going to put it out there and say what I think many expecting moms are feeling, yet can’t bring themselves to say to others.
I. Am. Terrified.

Not of the diapers. Not of labor. Not of the spit up. Or any of that. I’ve done that before. I can change the dirtiest of diapers with my eyes closed. 2016-01-26_0025P I N I T

I’m scared of being able to love another child as much as I love my son Emmett.
Of having the energy to be a mom to two.
Of losing my special relationship with my first.
Of being “good enough” to be a mom to two, while running my own business, being a wife, and saving time to just be me.
Of change.

I know I will love this baby. I already do love this baby. But the unknown…the unknown is scary.

But I suppose that’s ok, right? Scary is ok. What kind of a person would I be – or any of us be – if we couldn’t admit to fear from time to time?2016-01-26_0022P I N I T

Emmett helping us with Bitty’s room. The little guy just loves to help right now. 

As I sit and write this, and the words escape my head and move themselves onto the screen in front of me, I already feel myself healing, and feeling calmer about the future. I suppose that’s the bigger lesson here, right? Keeping things in, burying them, pretending they don’t exist really makes things 100x harder. I’ve had these feelings for months, and now, after just writing for a bit, I find myself breathing a little easier. This big ‘ol belly of mine feels a little bit lighter.

Last week, I took Emmett out for a special “Mama-Emmett” day. We went to Chick-Fil-A, the indoor playground, and even checked out a couple of preschools. (HOW is my child old enough for preschool already??) It was the perfect day. Bedtime came, and over the monitor, out of nowhere, Emmett said, “Mama, thank you for taking me to the playground today and to preschools.” I teared up instantly, and then it hit me…

There’s no such thing as the perfect person.
There’s no such thing as the perfect parent.
But there is such thing as the perfect parent for your child.
In that moment, I knew. He’s my child for a reason. I am the perfect parent for him. No one could possibly know him or love him like my husband and I do. We are the best thing for him. We were made for each other.
And it’s time I had faith that we will be the same for Bitty. It’s time I trust our journey as a family.2016-01-26_0024P I N I T Our day together – waiting in the car for preschool to open and climbing at the indoor playground.

The weeks are passing quickly. And before we know it, he or she will be here. I have said for the past months that “I know it will all be wonderful. I know it will all be great.” But I said it with a sense of hesitation inside. Spilling these words, admitting my feelings, now I can honestly say I know it will be the most incredible thing. It’s amazing how making myself a little bit vulnerable and admitting to my fear has made it dissipate already.

What’s your “thing”? What are you burying? What are you afraid to admit, even to yourself?

I challenge you to open up. Make yourself vulnerable. We live in a world of filtered social media posts and comparisons to one another, so let’s do it. Let’s remove the filters. 2016-01-26_0023P I N I T

My world, real & unfiltered. Toys all over. Emmett in mismatched socks watching morning cartoons. And perfect even in its chaos. 

Let’s get honest. Because if you can’t admit to a struggle, you won’t be able to claim the success of overcoming it.

2016-01-26_0026P I N I T

And I leave you with this… because when E takes my phone and wants to do some selfies, this is what I see later on my phone. I dare you not to smile at that face:)

And because sometimes music says it better than anything…

You have always worn your flaws upon your sleeve
And I have always buried them deep beneath the ground
Dig them up; let’s finish what we’ve started
Dig them up, so nothing’s left untouched

Flaws, Bastille

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  • Cathy Marie - Tot. Remember when you first had E? How scary it was? Everything was new and unknown. Remember when you couldn’t get E to sleep at night? How stressful it was. It was new and unknown. Remember when you cried because he wouldn’t stay a baby forever and would grow to become more independent? The new and the unknown are always a little scary. But each time you not only made it through, but you all thrived on all of the amazing things that used to sound so scary. I remember feeling that way when I just had your brother. But then your sister came along and it wasn’t at all as I had dreamed up in my head. You don’t have a storage limit on the amount of love in your heart that has to be measured out to each child (and your husband). As your family grows, so does your heart and so does the love. Each child holds a special place in your heart and you have a unique relationship with each one. One is not any better than the other..it enhances your life. You know how protective your brother is. Now E will get to have his own special relationship with his new sibling and HE will be the protective big brother. How awesome is that? Just sit back and enjoy the ride. They grow up so fast. Love you, mama tot.

  • Rachel Kemble - What a beautiful letter to both of your children!

  • Jennifer Lyon - This is such a beautiful post Katie-it made me cry! And as emmets grandmother and of course a mother of two children I know exactly what you’re going through. I think it is perfectly OK to mourn the loss of having time with your only child. And of course things will never be the same! But giving little Emmett the gift of a sibling is a wonderful thing to do.
    I myself have been worrying a bit about how I will handle being a grandmother to two grandchildren instead of one! I am so used to being Emmetts playmate when he is over it will be quite an adjustment- and yet I know that having another grandchild will be such an exciting wonderful new adventure for the whole family!

  • Sarah Morgan Boccolucci - Thank you for openning yourself up like this. You don’t split your love, it just grows to meet your needs.

  • Kristina Rael Rice - Emmett will be a fantastic big bro and you’ll always be an amazing mom!

  • Ally Wright Triolo - I feel the exact same way. Love how real you are here… Thanks for sharing!

  • Kayla Feldman Scott - Wow, this is such an amazing post… I love it!

  • Katie Lynn Reinke Mathis - Thanks for sharing!! I totally get where your coming from. The moment we found out we were having twins was the scariest day of my life!! How could I love 2 babies, care for two babies and still be there for Evan. I did a lot of soul searching and reaching out to other Moms of multiples. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! It will all take time to get used to, but it’s so worth it!! E is going to be a great big brother! Thanks for being real!

  • Ashley Kidder - Love the “day in the life of” style photos here! Great post.

  • Alan Lyon - I don’t have children. I do have and older sister, and your babies grandfather is my older brother. And I have the most also younger sister you can imagine. E is getting a gift of a younger sibling, and E gets bity. How totally awesome is this. I can not imagine my world with out my siblings. And losing our oldest brother, still makes me cry. Thanks for sharing.

  • Monet - This is so beautiful. I’m expecting my second baby, and I feel the same way. Your words made me cry!!

When I think about Alexandra and Tom’s relationship, the first thing that comes to my mind is simple.
They go together like peanut butter and jelly.
Now, maybe it’s my pregnancy appetite talking, but these two really are just like the classic PB&J.
Before I ever met Tom, I met Alexandra for coffee, and we chatted and laughed for hours, about anything and everything. The joy that radiates from her is contagious.
Then, when I met Tom, the two of them made perfect sense. His compassion and sense of humor was obvious right away.
Apart, they’re good. Together, they’re fantastic.
Like peanut butter and jelly.

Alexandra & Tom’s Wedgewood Wedding at Boulder Creek was so fitting for them. The day was full of laughter, full of joy, and full of friends and family. The day was made even more intimate with the fresh snow on the ground and cozy feel of their winter Colorado wedding.

Below are some of my favorites from their Wedgewood wedding. Be sure to leave a comment at the bottom! 25 comments gets this awesome couple a free 11×14 print of their favorite image!

Wedgewood WeddingP I N I T

I love the look on Alexandra’s mom’s face as she helps get her daughter into her dress.
Wedgewood WeddingP I N I T

First look time! Alexandra and Tom had the sweetest first look which not only gave them some time alone before the ceremony, but gave us plenty of time with the early-setting winter sun for portraits.

Wedgewood WeddingP I N I T Wedgewood WeddingP I N I T

It was too cold for an outside ceremony under the arch, but I loved using it for their first look location!

Wedgewood WeddingP I N I T Wedgewood WeddingP I N I T

My incredible second shooter, Briony, captured this shot while the couple was looking towards my camera for portraits. I just love having amazing second shooters and their incredible, creative images.

Wedgewood WeddingP I N I T

How perfect is this blanket?!?! Alexandra brought it to keep them warm for portraits, and the pop of color it added was so fitting for a winter wedding.

Wedgewood WeddingP I N I T Wedgewood WeddingP I N I T

These two – pros at snuggling.

Wedgewood WeddingP I N I T Wedgewood WeddingP I N I T Wedgewood WeddingP I N I T Wedgewood WeddingP I N I T

Such a sweet bridal party – and such troopers for hanging out in the cold with us!

Wedgewood WeddingP I N I T Wedgewood WeddingP I N I T Wedgewood WeddingP I N I T

Alexandra and Tom had a Priest and a Rabbi officiate their ceremony to represent both of them, and to include Alexandra’s Jewish heritage, they signed the Ketubah before their ceremony. In a room with just their officiants, their fathers, and their witnesses, they committed to each other and signed the symbolic document. It was a time of peacefulness, commitment, and love just before their ceremony with all of their guests.

Wedgewood WeddingP I N I T

Wedgewood WeddingP I N I T
Wedgewood WeddingP I N I T

I’ve seen Alexandra and Tom smile a thousand times since I met them both, but the smile they both had after being pronounced “Husband & Wife” was by far the best one.

Wedgewood WeddingP I N I T

After the ceremony, we took a few minutes for outdoor pictures.

Wedgewood WeddingP I N I T

Favorite. It’s just so….cozy.

Wedgewood WeddingP I N I T


Simplistic, clean, and classy details. Perfect for the winter day.

Wedgewood WeddingP I N I T Wedgewood WeddingP I N I T Wedgewood WeddingP I N I T

Let the dancing begin!

Wedgewood WeddingP I N I T Wedgewood WeddingP I N I T Wedgewood WeddingP I N I T Wedgewood WeddingP I N I T Wedgewood WeddingP I N I T Wedgewood WeddingP I N I T Wedgewood WeddingP I N I T Wedgewood WeddingP I N I T

Ending the night with a grand exit!

Wedgewood WeddingP I N I T

Tom & Alexandra – I wish you nothing but the absolute best as you continue your lives together! It is an absolute honor to have been a part of your day!

Leave these two some love below – if they get to 25 comments here on the blog, they will get a free 11×14 print of their favorite image!

Huge thank you to the fabulous vendors that made their day possible:
Flowers  |  Reale Events
Alexandra’s Dress  |  Amanda’s Bridal, David Tuterra
Tom’s Suit  |  Men’s Warehouse
Hair & Makeup  |  Laci Dreiling
Cheesecake  |  Indulge Bakery
Wedding Cake  |  Sharmane’s Bakery
DJ  |  DJ Maestro

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  • Adriene & Allan Ansel - Wow! The photographs perfectly captured the depth of Alexandra and Tom’s love and happiness and were amazing! May their life together continue to grow in happiness, contentment, strength and love. We love you both very much!

  • Marylou Shelly - Beautiful day and stunning photos! Best wishes to you both!

  • Tammy Luptak - Absolutely beautiful! Such a wonderful couple!

  • Wedgewood Wedding & Banquet Center - Simply gorgeous! Congratulations to you both and thank you for letting us be part of your special day! Cheers to you anda lifetime filled with love and happiness!

  • Kathryn Steward - Oh my goodness! This was such a beautiful day for such a wonderful loving couple! I’m so happy for you both! I’m so glad I got to witness this true and unconditional love! Gorgeous!! <3

  • Kassidy Barrows - Such beautiful pictures! So happy for you guys!

  • Susan Slingsby - Beautiful couple. Beautiful wedding. So happy to have been able to share this wonderful event with Alexandra &Tom.

  • mom Lisa - Great job all around! So happy to see these FANTASTIC pictures of the perfectly wonderful big event memories. They are even better than I imagined, which is difficult to do.

  • Jaclyn Heiser - Beautiful photos for a beautiful couple! Congrats you two!!

  • Hillary gallego - Alexandra, I love these photos!! I wish more than anything that I had been able to be there!


It happened.

He popped the question.

You had the moment you’ve been dreaming about for so long.
You’re giddy. Hello, Cloud 9!! And if you’re anything like I was, you can’t stop saying, “tehehehe!” and giggling like a little schoolgirl.

proposal-2P I N I T

My now-husband, Nate proposing in 2010. 2 things are obvious – I was totally surprised, and we both needed haircuts. 😉 

And then, it happens.

At some point after he puts the ring on your finger, everything sets in.

Venue. Date. Dress. Bridal party. Decor. Colors. Budget.

It’s a lot. And you aren’t alone if you feel a little overwhelmed.

So, what’s the first thing you should do after you get engaged?

Before you start dive into full wedding planning mode, take some time with your fiance to think about these 5 things. 

1. What’s your dream wedding?
Sure, you’ve dreamt about your big day. The dress. The decor. The flowers. The vows. But when you take away details, what does your dream day feel like? What would your wedding be like if everything were exactly how you wanted it to be? Dream big here, it will help you discover what your perfect day really looks like. Is it an intimate ceremony with just close friends and family? Is it a huge party with dancing that goes into the night? Is it a winter day with fresh snow on the ground, or a beach that you can go barefoot on? Do you want tears or laughter? Or both? Pick the feel for your wedding and let the details follow.

2016-01-08_0001P I N I T

Jamie & Fernando’s Brown Palace wedding was perfectly classic, intimate, and romantic.

2016-01-08_0002P I N I T 2016-01-08_0003P I N I T

Stephanie & Matt’s backyard wedding was full of laughter and dancing. Even their pup Luna hung out for the night!

2016-01-08_0004P I N I T 2016-01-08_0005P I N I T

2. Check in with your family.
Do all of your decisions for your wedding need to be based on what your family wants? Absolutely not. But there may be one or two things that your parents have always dreamed of, or maybe your Grandma would be tickled pink if you wore her wedding ring. Maybe your Grandpa has always dreamed of giving a blessing at dinner. Knowing what’s important to everyone will let you figure out what you want to include and what you don’t want to include. For our wedding, my mom really wanted a few of her close friends to be there, and it was great knowing before we made the guest list so we could save some space!

2016-01-08_0006P I N I T 2016-01-08_0007P I N I T

Kaitlin and Mark made sure that Mark’s son, Owen, and their grandparents had special roles in the wedding. It made everything just that much more meaningful on the day.
2016-01-08_0008P I N I T 2016-01-08_0009P I N I T

Traci and Adam had their daughter, Chanel, lead their vow renewal.

3. Set your priorities BEFORE you pick a date.
You’ll soon realize how many items go into a wedding budget! From big things like the venue to little things like napkins! Every couple has to decide what’s most important to them, and focus their date (and budget!) around that. Have you always dreamed about getting married at a particular venue? Contact them for availability before you set a date! Is photography the most important thing to you? Find your photographer before you set your date. Venues and vendors book up quickly, and often times far in advance, so don’t feel like you have to rush to set a date before you pick some key people! For our wedding, we found our photographer, and then picked our date!

2016-01-08_0010P I N I T

Alexandra and Tom wanted the perfect winter wedding, so thinking about Colorado weather was definitely something to consider before booking their venue!

2016-01-08_0011P I N I T

How about out of town friends? Leanne and Chris had out of town guests to consider before booking Space Gallery for their wedding.  

2016-01-08_0012P I N I T 2016-01-08_0013P I N I T

Stephanie & Brian wanted a sentimental date for their day, so they booked vendors over a year in advance, knowing it may be a challenge to get all of the vendors they wanted to work with together on their specific date.

4. Set a budget.
Sounds obvious, right? But…it’s much more fun to shop for dresses and dream of bouquets than think about the dreaded budget. Talk to anyone who might want to contribute to your day, and get everything set first, before you start your planning! When you know what budget you have, you can think about what parts of the wedding are most important to you, and allocate enough for them.

2016-01-08_0014P I N I T

Have you been dreaming of decor, flowers, and cake? Save room in your budget to make those things great!

2016-01-08_0015P I N I T

Or…are you ok with more simplistic details and want to focus on more on location? 

2016-01-08_0016P I N I T

5. Remember – this is YOUR wedding!
Do you want to have some of your guy friends on the bride’s side of the bridal party? Do it.
Do you want to skip the garter toss? Do it.
Do you want to have ice cream instead of cake? Do it.
Do you want to have your dog as your flower girl? Do it. (Our dog, Charli, was the “flower girl” in our wedding and my sister’s wedding!)
Do you want to have a mac and cheese bar? Do it. Because OH MY GOD THAT SOUNDS SO GOOD!!!
Do you want to have a pink dress? Do it.

This is your day. And it happens once. Let it show who you are.

2016-01-14_0002P I N I T

Rice crispie cake? Stephanie & Brian’s cake was perfectly them.

2016-01-14_0003P I N I T

Giant Jenga during cocktail hour!

2016-01-14_0004P I N I T

Chunky necklace paired with a classic lace dress? Absolutely.

2016-01-14_0005P I N I T

Who says wedding shoes have to be traditional?

2016-01-14_0007P I N I T

And who says you can’t take bridal portraits by the steam train? 

Bonus – Have fun!
Sounds obvious, doesn’t it? It may at first, but wedding planning can get stressful, and it can get stressful fast. There are a million and one things to think about, and sometimes it gets overwhelming. Find someone who can help you – a planner, your maid of honor, your mom, your fiance – someone! And then, enjoy the process. There are memories to be made in the wedding planning process just like the day itself. I mean, that dress you try on that looks absolutely ridiculous on you – you should definitely snap a photo of that for future laughs 😉

2016-01-14_0006P I N I T

And let’s face it, when you run into a lady on the street who perfectly matches the guys’ socks and ties, you just have to stop and recognize how great it is!

Now go! Plan! And love every moment of the process.

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I’m a sucker for a good story. Always have been. Especially a good love story. And the best love stories are the ones that lead to a lifetime of love together. Those stories always have a sense of nostalgia and timelessness. My grandparents tell me the story of how they would go to the movies in the ’50s and giggle together throughout the whole movie. Katie & Jordan’s love story stems from the same nostalgic place.

Growing up, Katie went to a small school, and on her birthday, she would walk to the office alongside her “Birthday Buddy” Sam. Let’s be honest, when you’re a little kid, there’s not much cooler than getting a birthday prize and sharing the day with a friend. Sam & Katie stayed friends and years past their “Birthday Buddy” days, Sam introduced Katie to Jordan. Soon, while at a Kenny Chesney concert, Katie & Jordan felt sparks they couldn’t deny. From there, as all good love stories go, it was history.

Katie & Jordan have been guests at several weddings I’ve photographed, and I always told her, “You’re next!” And sure enough, her day came, and it was absolutely perfect. With the ceremony at the church Katie grew up in, St. Anne’s, a pit stop for photos in Olde Town Arvada (the spot they call home), and a beautiful reception at Ralston’s Crossing, their day couldn’t have been better.

Enjoy some of my favorites from Katie & Jordan’s day, and don’t forget to leave a comment at the bottom! 25 comments gets this awesome couple a free 11×14 print of their favorite image!

St AnneP I N I T St AnneP I N I T

Before their sneak peek, Katie & Jordan exchanged notes. Watching their expressions as they mirrored each other – even though they were blocked by a door – was priceless.

St AnneP I N I T St AnneP I N I T St AnneP I N I T St AnneP I N I T

Katie & her dad are extremely close, and he just glowed with pride as he walked her down the aisle.

St AnneP I N I T St AnneP I N I T St AnneP I N I T

Love this church!

St AnneP I N I T St AnneP I N I T St AnneP I N I T St AnneP I N I T

The Old Flour Mill & railroad tracks in Olde Town Arvada were great spots for some fun bridal party photos.

CO Sunflower WeddingP I N I T

CO Sunflower WeddingP I N I T CO Sunflower WeddingP I N I T CO Sunflower WeddingP I N I T Arvada, CO WeddingP I N I T

Love how these railroad bridal party photos turned out with the old Arvada water tower in the background.

Arvada, CO WeddingP I N I T Arvada, CO WeddingP I N I T Arvada, CO WeddingP I N I T

These two love Olde Town Arvada, which makes these group shots even that much more fun.

Arvada, CO WeddingP I N I T Arvada, CO WeddingP I N I T Arvada, CO WeddingP I N I T

I love it when my couples have unique ideas for portrait locations!

Arvada, CO WeddingP I N I T Arvada, CO WeddingP I N I T Arvada, CO WeddingP I N I T

The Arvada School House might just take the cake for the most unique spot I’ve ever shot bridal portraits.

School House Restaurant ArvadaP I N I T School House Restaurant ArvadaP I N I T School House Restaurant ArvadaP I N I T

School chairs. Beaker cups. And a hint to Katie & Jordan’s story.

School House Restaurant ArvadaP I N I T School House Restaurant ArvadaP I N I T Arvada, CO WeddingP I N I T Arvada, CO WeddingP I N I T Arvada, CO WeddingP I N I T

Katie & Jordan filled their Ralston’s Crossing Wedding with details. Everywhere you looked, there was something personal.

Arvada, CO WeddingP I N I T Arvada, Colorado WeddingP I N I T Arvada, Colorado WeddingP I N I T Arvada, Colorado WeddingP I N I T Arvada, Colorado WeddingP I N I T

I love to take a break from the reception with the bride and groom and sneak away for a few sunset photos. I love how the photos turn out, and it makes for the perfect break from the reception – time to step back and take it all in.:)

Arvada, Colorado WeddingP I N I T Arvada, Colorado WeddingP I N I T Ralstons Crossing WeddingP I N I T RalstonP I N I T RalstonP I N I T RalstonP I N I T


RalstonP I N I T Ralstons Crossing WeddingP I N I T Ralstons Crossing WeddingP I N I T

Ralstons Crossing WeddingP I N I T RalstonP I N I T RalstonP I N I T RalstonP I N I T RalstonP I N I T RalstonP I N I T

RalstonP I N I T

Katie & Jordan – it was nothing short of your day. You two have something undeniable. Thank you for letting me be a part of it.

Leave these two some love below – if they get to 25 comments here on the blog, they will get a free 11×14 print of their favorite image!

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